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Deb Hoeffner

“I describe my work as soft realism, a layering of thought, paint and possibilities. For me, the challenge of finding a unique visual to bring a thought or words to life is as much a part of painting and illustration as technique. Using the magic of scribbles, splashes of paint and brushstrokes, my aim is to create an image that is just enough to feel real yet still reveal the hand of the artist at work. My mediums of oil, watercolor, pastel and pencil are all those I can soften with a finger or a swipe of a brush. Portraits are one of my favorite subjects and people often comment on the life that shows in the eyes of my paintings and drawings. When finding the face of a special animal or person on the paper with my pencil what I am really trying to capture is the spirit behind the eyes. The gift of creativity is the possibility of touching people with the work that comes from my studio. Luck falls in your lap if you put your lap in the right place. I wrote those words in an email to an author I was working with and she returned them in a plaque that I now have hanging in my studio. With my studio and my lap in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I am a very lucky artist.”

deb hoeffner is a professional artist and illustrator. Her work has been published in books, web and print worldwide. Her “Homeless Christ” has appeared in books, magazines, churches, and homeless shelters from Key West to Australia. Books illustrated and designed by deb include Benjamin’s Gift, Forever Home: Tales of Four Lucky Dogs, A Friend on the Porch, and Lucky: The Tale of a Tree. Her expressive animal drawings have been included in the Strokes of Genius: Best of Drawing books and Art Journey Animals, best of Animal Art published by North Light Books.

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