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Anne Hoskins


Making artful messes has been a passion of Anne Hoskins’s since she was old enough to hold a paintbrush.  Raised on ceramics and acrylic paint, she continued her development with a degree in fine arts from Otterbein University, using the skills she learned from her Mother and Grandmother.  Five years ago, when Anne returned to canvas, she chose to go big and bold, exploring with spray paint, and she’s never looked back.  

She can be found in her studio in Hamilton, New Jersey, smiling and covered in gesso.


When I approach a canvas, I use my color sensibility, a love of tactility, my full heart and a preoccupied mind.  I take a handful of gesso and wing it at the plain surface, quickly attacking with spray paint.  This is where my logical brain clicks off and I work from instinct, layering color from various angles to enhance the texture of the gesso.  It reminds me of working on the potters wheel.  I never felt like I could control what happened with that lump of clay, I was the conduit that helped my raw material manifest the shape it intended to take.  It’s my job as an artist to sense where the material wants to go and help it along.  That journey is influenced by the music around me, the beauty of the day, and the life that suffuses me.  The end result is equally galactic, organic, and ever evolving.  Pure color and catharsis.


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