TZ Glass Sculpture Fine Art Paintings

Abbie Mylod Galie

From an early age I always said I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I am an artist, does that mean I’m also grown up? I suppose so.  A majority of my artistic ability is self, and family taught. The matriarchal line in my family is strongly artistic. My great grandmother, who was with us until 2006 was an artist – painted, sculpted, sewed. My grandmother is an oil painter and sews, and my mother sewed all my clothes and stuffed animals when I was little,  she is a song writer as well and and is extremely musically inclined.  I think growing up around that much artistic ability has forged an artist in me that could not have been attained otherwise.

I like to think my influence is inspired, folk, hippie styles. I always say that I am a flower child born 20 years too late.  My style is hard to categorize beyond whimsical, and I am so sick of the word “whimsical” -  my style is my own. I am inspired by my creative family, friends, and music. I do what I can to embrace my imagination, and aspire to my dreams. I am living my passion, my family – and my art. I haven’t always followed my art, I followed music for a while – 13 years of classical cello) and opened a coffee house.  When art wasn’t my main focus I always kept it up out of pleasure and also as a needed sanctuary from the harder parts of life. Art is my life now, I raise my son, feed my husband – and create art!

I am a New Jersey girl – straight forward, not into drama or immaturity. I like to look at things from the “in the long run” perspective rather than being impulsive. Always been a free thinker, I’m rather independent, and intensely loyal. I love my family, and I have a handful of close friends that I can spill my guts to.  All this makes me quite content!

My husband, Sean is my high school sweetheart. He and I began dating my senior year in 1999, and have been together ever since. He is very supportive of my artistic whims and fancies, and encourages me to follow my dream.  Aside from being an artist, I knew I wanted to be able to stay home and raise children, Sean and I welcomed our son, Cornelius “Neil” into the world on February 2, 2006. Creating art, working at home – this allows me to be the mom I want to be while still fulfilling my creative calling.

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