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Bridget Paddock

I am delighted to be able to offer to you the same quality of artistic food that I strive to feed my family.  If you are on a quest to fill your environment with food for your own soul, I hope you will find among my illustrations just the encouragement you are seeking.
     The pictures on our walls have the potential to shape our lives.  A picture of Jesus--his hair short and dark, arms strong, a smile on his face as he cuddled and comforted a small child--hung in the pink bedroom of my earliest memories. That one picture may have done more to shape my understanding of the way God and I relate to each other than all the Sunday School stories I learned.  As a teenager, I chose wall art I knew would comfort and challenge my heart--deep, quick, and true, at every glance.  Designing art for my home, I hold the same standard.  Always, I am thinking, “What values do I want to keep before our eyes, to communicate to our children?”  My work is inspired by the great imagery and mysteries of Scripture.  A tradition my family kept for years was the daily reading of a chapter from the book of Proverbs, which is conveniently divided into one chapter for every day of the month in the English Bible.  I can still hear my father’s voice as I read the timeless passages that are rich in wisdom and meaning.  In my formative years, the practical truths were always transformed into ethereal imagery in my mind as I sat listening.  Today, I am an artist, musician, and illustrator.  Whether painting or singing, my heart’s passion is to create visible or audible expressions of the invisible truths that empower my life.

The Origin Of Our Name

     When my husband and I first started dating, I lived in New York and Jonathan lived in Florida.  We enjoyed many playful exchanges in a dreamy, fairy-tale style.  When Jon signed one of his emails “Jonagorn,” I responded in kind by making up a name for myself:  “The Elf-Princess Briduviel.”   Briduviel is a combination of my own name, “Bridget,” and the Elvish name, “Tinuviel,” from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.  The inscription in Jon’s wedding ring reads, “Princess Briduviel to Lord Jonagorn.”  I am an artist, a musician, and an illustrator.  Of all the names I considered for my business, Briduviel’s World seemed to best describe the flavor and scope of all I hope to share.
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