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Amy Schuler

 I got my first camera while I  was in elementary school. It was a pink Kodak 110mm camera that used flash cubes, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. On rainy days my parents would set up the slide projector and we would have slide shows featuring our family vacations. My mom was good at keeping photo albums and I loved to look at the ones she made when she was in her late 20’s to see what the style was back then. Occasionally, when I have nothing to do or need some inspiration I dig them out and look at all the memories captured.

It wasn’t until high school that taking photographs soon turned into a passion. My grandmother gave me her 35mm Yashica camera to use in a high school photography class, which is now a part of my vintage camera collection. She was my inspiration, my muse, and was an artist herself.   My passion for photography lead me to get my BFA in photography from Tyler School of Art. My photography and artwork has been exhibited around the Buck's County area, and recognized by Adobe in 2007 for a Design Achievement Award. My love for photography and art is constantly growing.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to check out my photos, and learn a little bit more about me.
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