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James Yaun

My goal as an artist is to draw the viewer outside of their daily life and bring them to a point of personal reflection. Technical precision is only important in that once many techniques are mastered, an artist can effortlessly convey a feeling or emotion. Thus, beauty and pure thought pour out of each piece as opposed to mechanical technique. This is why my work varies so much even within one genre.

Most of my art objects are colored with 24 carat gold and fine silver through a process called fuming. Fuming is a process similar to steam rising out of boiling water. I take a small piece of 24K gold or fine silver and attach it to a small rod of clear glass, then place it in the hot flame. The precious metals get so hot they actually fume (steam) and I hold another piece of glass further back in the flame. The fume rides the flame and sticks to this other piece of glass.

The whites and light blues (sometimes a halo effect) are silver fumed, the pinks and oranges are gold fumed and the yellows and greens are a blend. Most pieces are signed with my signature millifiore or etched with a carbide pen.

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