TZ Glass Sculpture Fine Art Paintings

Patrick Chirico

Innovative designer/production manager/ceo: Patrick Chirico "monkey" is 21 and attends FIT for Fashion Design. He lives in an old opera house in Brooklyn with two other artists; one of them is Bryan Farrell, who is his right hand man in the production of the bracelets as well as drawing some of the stencils used. The other artist involved is Bryan Gilbert who does almost all the stencils, and a lot of the sticker imagery. This is definitely not everyone as there are lots of random friends who contribute their talents and ideas in all situations of the business from advertising, art design, and web design.

I probably have over 1000 designs and my company is still in infancy. The images range from trees, birds, music, girls, graffiti, robots, and even roosters from my street corner in bush wick to the soda bottle crates from the delis. My designs are a reflection of my environment, and I try to get everyone involved "the woods are where my heart is by the city is an Art Utopia".

You might have seen Wrecord bracelets around starting about April 2004 in which I participated in street fairs at FIT and sold my bracelets at FIT's style shop. Then during the summer months, I, with more time and effort available got my bracelets in ATRIUM in Soho on the corner of Broadway and Bleeker, a well-respected boutique that I also got displayed in the store window for a few seasons. A jump from there is Patricia Fields, the stylist for Sex in the City, Hotel Venus. There I was lucky enough to sell my unique Swarovski crystal and record handbags and many styles of bracelets. Which they used my bag and sold it from a fashion show they had at the marquee. For the holiday season I started vending at FIT's flea market and the outcome was positive, selling hundreds a day for a few months solid, exploding a highly populated girl and metro school with almost 600 bracelets to all types of people. During this time I also started selling my bracelets at the M-Space in Williamsburg, a young designer gallery. Now more recently I offer my bracelets in the Bern Gallery in Burlington Vermont, a well-respected art and glass boutique.

It's hard to pinpoint the consumer of my handbags, but I feel that almost everybody could wear and enjoy my bracelets, ranging from 7-1000 designs. They are a complete reflection of my environment; they change and progress jut like our friends and us. Look to see because every bracelet has a monkey on the inside.


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