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Paris Muchanic

Paris Muchanic, Metalsmith
Hand Wrought Jewelry and Small Vessels
Member: Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths
Gallery representation: Aspiring Artists of the Earth, Dublin, PA; LJI, Inc., Cleveland, OH; Artfully Elegant, Bethlehem, PA

I received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in 1978 in Environmental Studies from Ohio University. In 1984, I earned a Master's of Science Degree by combining anatomical studies with fine arts to pursue scientific illustration. My career path lead to health and fitness publishing, but art has always remained a passion.

I discovered metalsmithing in 2004 at Bucks County Community College. It started with a friend and me making thong style bookmarks. The bookmarks began to evolve; they started to become more like jewelry than a place marker. At that point I had to try my hand at jewelry and metalsmithing, and I fell in love with the craft. It has become my sanctuary and a place to express what is within me.

My work is influenced by my knowledge of and interest in the sciences. I am especially left with a sense of awe when I consider how interconnected our natural world is and the forces that play upon it. It is with this wonder and respect that I create my pieces.

My pieces are simple and understated. Line and form take shape from the force of hammer blows or the inspiration found in the patterns of semiprecious stones. I work in sterling silver and copper, but my favorite metal is bronze because of the many ways it responds to the intense heat from a torch. Its warm color is appealing in all its variations. Its natural color of brown gold takes on the color of Rose gold when heated. Overheating turns the metal brown black. Careful hand finishing on textured bronze will reveal all these stages. Attention to detail is key with thoughtful accents of pearls or the glint of small gems.

Paris is a studio assistant at Bucks County Community College and lives in rural Bucks with her husband and two children.

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