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Michele Off

Design has always been important to me, regardless of the medium. Metal, fabric, paint, leather -- throughout my art career, I have manipulated them all into designs that I find pleasing. Pursuing my passion, in 1995, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.

I have settled my focus on creating personalized, one-of-a-kind fabric pieces using recycled materials like upholstery fabric, clothing, burlap coffee bean sacks, bicycle tire inner-tubes, seat belts, and zippers. These custom pieces have been exhibited and sold at Ouldcott Artisan Woodworking, New Hope Winery, Homestead Coffee Roasters Music and Arts Fest, Frenchtown's Country Chic Boutique, and Aspiring Artists of the Earth.

Symmetry drives my designs, and attention to detail raises the quality of my fabric art. But my work is more than perfection in symmetrical technique -- I enjoy creating pieces that have a clever twist in their visual impact. But nothing can compare to my greatest joy and inspiration -- seeing the smiles on my customers' faces.

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