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Lee Muslin

Lee Muslin has been a fine art photographer for over 40 years beginning when

she was a fine art major at the University of Delaware. She has exhibited extensively throughout the United States over the last 18 years including 5 solo exhibitions in New York City and 5 in Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in 24 publications including 3 covers for the magazine Philadelphia Stories and she has been privileged to receive 20 awards.

In 1995, while attending Parsons School of Design for a degree in photography, Lee became fascinated with the mysteries of digital imaging. Using the computer as her paintbrush, she layers and blends her original photographs to create a world removed from the limits of reality. This process facilitates results that would be impossible in the traditional darkroom. Recently, Lee has again pushed boundaries creating artwork that is physically built layer upon layer by interlacing her photography with acrylic paint, Asian handmade paper, paper collage, cheesecloth or other textural surfaces to create one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces.

Transparency and layering continually play a major role in all of Lee's art. Her affinity with nature is the recurrent thread that runs throughout her work. The rhythms and patterns of the natural world evoke a sense of calm and serenity in these contemporary compositions.

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