TZ Glass Sculpture Fine Art Paintings

Kevin Katits


My art is inspired by everything and nothing. I find inspiration in nature, functionality, and concepts I believe may be a challenge to produce. Often I will just sit with my sketchbook and draw things that come to mind, based on no concept, feeling, or idea to express. I use steel because of its flexibility and my familiarity with it. Stainless steel is most intriguing due to its beauty without color, and depth achieved through experimenting with seemingly never ending finishes. Sometimes, I will let the medium "tell" me what it wants to be, as in a given space and its surroundings. Other times I will twist and bend it into what I want. The concept of asking a soft object, such as a leaf, out of a hard material like steel and trying to embrace that soft, flowing "feel" is one thing I enjoy expressing. Other times, using straight lines and geometric shapes that are more "true" to the medium is where I like to go.

My art is always evolving. I strive to combine different materials with what I am most comfortable with, steel, and different ideas such as lighting and motorized, moving parts. In essence, I like to make things that I enjoy looking at and if others do also, it is even more rewarding


I have always found satisfaction in designing and creating. Whether it be drawing, poetry, design, construction, or sculpture. I have always searched for a creative outlet. To transform an idea or concept into reality is unlike anything, and something I have always tried to fulfill.

I graduated college with a BA. in interior design and worked in that field for a limited time. I have since worked for the past eighteen years as a design engineer and metal fabricator learning computer aided design, mechanical engineering, and all forms of metal welding. Although there is much satisfaction in designing machines and even helping to fabricate them, there are too many limits on creativity. In this field, you must design something to perform a specific task in a specific way with many constraints. To combine the knowledge of detailed design and metal fabrication with creativity and no constraints is what I believe I have been searching for.

Inspiration comes in many forms: Nature, a concept, a material, a function, or a piece of scrap metal. Sometimes I will design a piece of art, other times the art is designed as it is made. This is what I love about art and creativity, there are no limits. I strive to combine different concepts and materials with metals, experiment and challenge myself. At this point, I have more ideas and concepts than I have time to produce. I someday hope to be a true artist, to be able to survive on my art alone, to do what I love. Until then, my art is a dream that I hope one day to never wake from.

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