TZ Glass Sculpture Fine Art Paintings

Jo Lyn Unangst

My artistic journey was reborn one weekend when my young niece & nephew came to visit me in 1998. I had gotten them some clay to keep them occupied. Of course they wanted me to make something, too. My critical adult voice said, "what can I possibly make?" I copied a Santa figurine from a country magazine & haven't stopped. The joy I feel when a Santa comes to life just fills me up. I often say, "I can't believe that came out of me". No two Santas are alike. Their individual expressions I believe are reflective of my own in the moment. The full, rounded cheeks are most definitely a reflection of my self-image.

Gourd crafting came to me by accident about 9 years later. I was at the bookstore looking for a book on clay sculpting. I came across a book on gourd crafting with a very bright, colorful picture on the cover. When I sat down & paged through it I became so mesmerized. A gourd purse project totally intrigued me. That weekend I learned of the annual PA Gourd Festival, went to it, bought some gourds & materials & taught myself gourd crafting. Clay sculpting & gourd crafting connect me to the earth & draw me in during the creative process. It's a form of meditation & reflection. It's a place of peace, quiet & tranquility where I can nurture myself & dream. As a Certified Dream Coach, I find great value of integrating the creative process into manifesting your dreams. It's a way of discovering your true authentic self, defining your passion & purpose & creating the life of your dreams.

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