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Danielle Schaefer

My work always involves color and texture. I find things with color a lot more interesting and exciting than black and white. I also always have to touch things with interesting textures. So, I decided I should include both color and texture in my work. Most of my work is three-dimensional and abstract. I do not try to create anything realistic. I start with a basic idea, and then the piece decides where it wants to go.

Recently, I have been combining function and sculpture. I really like the idea of creating something functional that looks like sculpture. Making a sculpture that I can use is really exciting. I have also expanded my use of color and color mixing. The color emphasizes the form and creates a transition from one part of the sculpture to another. The color keeps the eye moving around the piece. Texture is another important part of the work. Something that has rich or interesting texture is more inviting. And function objects are meant to be touched.

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