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Gallery is located at 174 S. Main St.
(Rte. 313), Dublin, PA 18917

Gallery Phone #: 215-249-3934

Gallery Hours:
Wed: 11-5
Thurs: 11-5
Fri: 11-5
Sat: 10-5

AAOTE is home of AAOTE Aromatherapy, Gemstone, & TZ Glass Collections.

Aspiring Artists of the Earth (AAOTE) has been supplying retailers with our top-selling, artisan-crafted collections for 13 years now. Our owner and resident artist, Tari Zarka, also our resident glass artist, draws and digitizes the artwork used in our wood collections, which is made entirely in-house in PA, U.S.A.. She also designs our finished products and each is assembled in-house. We offer a full range of display options for our collections including counter top and slat wall displays. Customized designs in the wood collections as well as customized packaging options are also available. Products arrive on sales floor packed, priced, and ready for the register.

Our home base is in Dublin, PA where we have a retail space offering the works of over 50 American artists. 

Our client base, and sales continue to grow annually, thanks to the efficiency we provide to our retailers, our story, and our ever-changing, inspiring designs. People love the functionality and are drawn to the beauty of our work. They feel the love we have for our work, and continue to seek us out to support us to make more of it. For this, we are grateful.

A bit more backstory:

We are based in Tari's family's hosiery mill where we have the space to create and produce our work, and to grow our business, all the while repurposing a piece of our local history. This hosiery mill was started by Tari's grandparents and was in operation from approx 1960-2014. In it's busiest of times it employed approx 100 people at a time. Tari and her family have preserved a number of the hosiery machines and still sell the hosiery made in this building in our retail space. Today, we're not quite 100 employees, but we're growing, we love our work, and are grateful for the privilege to be able to create for a living.

We believe in giving back. We donate a minimum of 5% of our profits to charity annually.

We are also partnered with Whole Planet Foundation, donating .08 cents of each item sold in our WFM stores Sept-Dec.

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AAOTE | Aspiring Artists of the Earth | 174 South Main Street | Dublin, PA 18917 | 215.249.3934